Covid-19 (Coronavirus) Response


In light of the recent government measures during the continued Covid-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic, we recognise how important a home delivery service like ours can become during the coming weeks.

We can continue to provide a service to you throughout the measures because we are classed as essential workers delivering food.

As always, we aim to provide a service far superior to that of others in the home delivery industry providing you with hot food, accurate orders and excellent communication.


We are now offering a “No Contact Delivery” option for those who are in self isolation or for anyone who feels they would prefer it during the outbreak.

The no contact delivery option will only be available to customers who pay by card.

If you wish to use this option, just tick the “No Contact Delivery” box on any item you order and your whole order will be delivered without contact.

When you tick this option, a box will appear below it and if you wish to type any additional notes about where the driver should leave the order you may do so.

This option is available only to customers who pay by card.

Your order will be placed on your doorstep and a call will be made to you by the driver using the number you used to place your order.

We accept no responsibility for missing orders and by ticking this option you accept that it is your repsonsibility to recover your order promptly from your doorstep.

We also accept no responsibility for the temperature of food which has been delivered in this manner.


Please do not be alarmed or surprised if you see our drivers wearing face masks during your delivery.

This is not because we are suffering from the symptoms. It is so that we can avoid inadvertently coming into contact with the virus and therefore avoid passing it on.

We are wearing these masks for your protection aswell as ours and in the hope that we can provide the safest and most professional service in the industry throughout these times.


With the above standards in mind we will inevitably experience problems, particularly with on time performance.

As always we will aim to deliver your order within 60 minutes, however please understand that due to the current situation, we could experience a backlog of orders.

You must be able to accommodate longer than normal wait times if you wish to order during this period. We will all be doing our absolute best to get your orders to you as soon as is humanly possible.

Thank you, and wishes of good health from your Munch Thru team.



We are closed at the moment due to a staff shortage. Apologies for any inconvenience. Continue

We are closed at the moment due to a staff shortage. Apologies for any inconvenience.