Hot Food

We really, really care about hot food.

Our business IS hot food.

So it goes without saying that our main core value is that we will never deliver food which hasn’t been handled correctly to keep it hot in transit, and this is certainly a challenge in the home delivery industry.

Most takeaways and delivery sevices use the traditional “red bags” as pictured below;

Looks great doesn’t it! Very professional. But what does it actually do to your food? Well we believe that it doesn’t do very much for the types of food we deliver. Once the bag is zipped up with the food inside there is nowhere for the moisture within the food to circulate, so guess what? It all turns soggy!

Not only that, most of these bags aren’t heated at all so as soon as the food leaves the restaurant it is getting colder and colder.

There is a heated version which keeps the food heated to around 40 degrees celsius. Most of the time, the food is warmer than the bag, and 40 degrees certainly won’t make your fries taste at all warm.

The bigger players in the market who normally deliver as many orders as they can during any one delivery run use “a bag within a bag” and more insulated versions of the traditional type bags;

Right! And then that goes on the back of a cyclist or moped rider, or if you are lucky, in a car and suffers all the same problems as the red bags mentioned above. Note that ALL of the big named brands make NO ATTEMPT to keep your food heated during transit. They even tell you to heat it back up yourself when it arrives!!!! We find this idea appalling;

We passionately believe in delivering the best quality service we can, and top of the list of anyone’s requirements is that the food is hot when it arrives.

We go to extreme lengths to provide this level of service being the only operator in the fast food delivery industry to have taken a blank piece of paper and custom designed our heat equipemt to keep your food above 63 degress celsius whilst in transit.

We train our drivers to handle the food correctly, monitor our heat equipment and the temperature of the bags as they come out of the vehicle. That takes care of the heat in a way which no other operators even know how to do!

Additionally in order to keep the food as fresh as possible we also don’t haul it around for long periods of time whilst delivering several other orders in the same run. We usually limit our collections to two, exceptionally three orders per trip and only then if the orders are all close to each other.

We strongly believe in delivering hot food, fresh from the restaurant. We owe it to our customers, we owe it to the restaurants and we owe it to ourselves! Don’t accept cheap cold immitations!


“Just wanted to let you know that your service is excellent. It’s the first time we have used your company and we’ve been reluctant to try McD’s delivery due to the food being kept fresh. It absolutely outweighed our expectations so thank you.”


“Your service was spot on I’m really impressed and the food was hot, and the driver was very friendly and the tracking app is great too”


“Fantastic customer service! Food arrived piping hot and the delivery driver was extremely friendly. Will definitely recommend and use again!”


“Just ordered, came before an hour got all order what we wanted, lady was lovely ! Food was hot ! & Will be ordering again soon!”


We are closed at the moment due to a staff shortage. Apologies for any inconvenience. Continue

We are closed at the moment due to a staff shortage. Apologies for any inconvenience.