On Time Performance

We can control the accuracy of your order, we can control how hot and how fresh it arrives. The one thing we can’t control in the business of home delivery is the timing.

When you order with Munch Thru and select ASAP we will always give you a minimum “promised time” of 60 minutes. A promised time is an approximate estimate of when your order will arrive if everything goes averagely to plan.

Often the order will arrive well within the 60 minutes, our record being 11 minutes! Other times, factors which are completely beyond our control will conspire against us and cause your order to run over the 60 minutes promised time.

The main problem with running a business like ours is that unlike when you order with your local takeway, the order is not communicated to the restaurant until our driver arrives there and places it at the order point. Often we can experience 20 minute delays in the queue just to get to this point. Other times we may get parked waiting for your food, particularly if you have selected lots of special requirements or if your order is a large one.

Other delays can occur when traffic is heavy, which usually coincides with the time when everyone wants to order their evening meals!

A further resason for delays is when all of a sudden, a high volume of orders come in all at the same time (could be the football has just ended or a TV show is on a commercial break).

These are just some of the normal delays which we encounter and fight our way through on a daily basis.

Then there are just those delays we definitely don’t need!

We endeavour to employ enough staff to keep our service on time during “normal” operations but if some of the factors mentioned above occur, there may be times when this just isn’t possible and it is totally beyond our control.

We counter this by communicating with you if your order will be late, and making ourselves available should you wish to enquire about the progress of your order.

We also send you an automated text message when the driver is on their way to you from the restaurant and another one when they arrive at your address, so there is no need to be on the edge of your seat watching through the window before you get this messsage.

If you wish you can even track your driver in real time on the map once you have received the first message.

Unlike some of the big named services, we don’t promise unrealistic delivery times like 20-25 minutes and then consistently fail to deliver even within the next two hours. We give you a realistic time frame and then work our hardest to achieve it for you, or at least communicate if we can’t.

Our commitment to on time performance is as strong as it is to all other aspects of our customer service and you can rest assured that we are working as hard as we can to get it to you as soon as is humanly possible.


“Ordered last week, forgot to write a review excellent service, just ordered again and came within 40mins, delivery guy was lovely!! Thank you again… “


“Always spot on service from these guys! Never really had a problem, even when been longer than expected the food was always still warm and was always fresh”


“Brilliant, fast, friendly service! Highly recommend!”


We are closed at the moment due to a staff shortage. Apologies for any inconvenience. Continue

We are closed at the moment due to a staff shortage. Apologies for any inconvenience.