Order Accuracy

Ever had an item missed out of a food delivery? Maybe it was just the sauces, or maybe it was someone’s full meal leaving them to go…………Hungry!!

But it’s more than just the big picture items. What’s 20 chicken nuggets without the dips? How can you drink a milkshake without a straw?!

We train our drivers to be extremely diligient when they collect your food from the restaurant. We also train them to be especially careful with things like sauces, straws, special requirements etc.

Inevitibly, from time to time things do get missed and we take our commitment to your order very seriously even after delivery. But generally we aim to deliver a high level of accuracy first time, every time.

The very fact that our drivers even check the orders puts us way ahead of some of the bigger names in the industry. They rely purely on the restaurants to pack the orders correctly and this can lead to mistakes being overlooked which would certainly have been prevented by a Munch Thru driver.

Our care and attention to detail is a company ethos which we monitor very carefully so our standards never slip.

The only thing we can’t check is the accuracy of special requirements inside your food packaging such as, no pickles, extra onions, etc as this would require us to be involved in the preparation of your food. We take responsibility for these options only up to the point of order, so this means that if there is a problem with your special requirements we will check our receipts to make sure it was ordered correctly and rectify only if the problem was on the ordering side.

Otherwise you can rest assured that care and attention to detail are being applied to your orders as best we can on every delivery!


“Always on time, the driver is always very polite and order is always accurate. Keep up the good work! Thank you xxx”


“Brilliant, innovative company. Bringing all the items we ordered, always without any mistakes, simple but genius. A*** “


“Very happy with this service, the driver even went to Denton for part of our order as it wasn’t available in the Ashton branch. Very polite and kept us informed.”


We are closed at the moment due to a staff shortage. Apologies for any inconvenience. Continue

We are closed at the moment due to a staff shortage. Apologies for any inconvenience.